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Leviathan is the University of Edinburgh's official, student-run Journal of Politics and International Relations. It is considered as a project of the Edinburgh Political Union and the University of Edinburgh. Print issues of Leviathan are generously supported by the University's School of Social and Political Science.


The Journal provides students and staff with an opportunity to explore politics and international relations in an unbiased, creative, and deliberative manner. It gives aspiring journalists, political scientists, international relations theorists, diplomats, politicians, and motivated students an outlet to demonstrate their abilities, express their views and opinions, and engage in meaningful debate. 


Submissions to Leviathan can be academic, opinion, or analysis oriented.


Leviathan's work aims to shed light on the crucial issues of our political environment, stimulating though-provoking analysis and debate. In an effort to offer new perspectives, each issue takes on a different theme. 

Have a look through our website to see the themes we have run, and flip through our previous issues online.